Center for Political Thought and Leadership

Supporting and Advancing American Political Thought and Civic Education

Free political societies need to be informed and thoughtful societies. Research and teaching in American political thought goes hand in hand with educating American citizens and citizen-leaders. We are committed to furthering these important goals.

Experiences that inspire thought and action

From undergraduate conferences and symposia to scholarly meetings and lecture series, we sponsor experiences that illuminate American political principles and inspire thoughtful civic engagement.

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Research to further our understanding

We support scholarship in American political thought through our sponsorship of research journals and special projects, and through our support of visiting and affiliated scholars.

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Partnerships with distinguished institutions

We actively partner with other academic centers and units, both within ASU and at distinguished institutions across the country.

Featured Event

The first annual Compass Conference, titled “The Intellectual Roots of American Ideals,” will welcome students from ASU as well as many other institutions across the country to participate in paper presentations, a writing workshop led by National Review staff writer Alexandra DeSanctis, and a keynote address by Randy Barnett of the Georgetown University Law Center titled “The Declaration of Independence and the American Theory of Government.”



Academic Work & Research

As a research-intensive center, the Center for Political Thought and Leadership is concerned to further the understanding and development of American political thought, broadly understood. This takes the form of supporting publication outlets, special projects, and individual scholars.

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The Center for Political Thought and Leadership is intentionally collaborative, both with other academic units within ASU and with centers and programs at other institutions within Arizona across the country. This collaborative approach allows us to magnify the impact of our efforts.

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