Civic Literacy Curriculum Abridged Study Guides

The Civic Literacy Curriculum is a free online resource designated for high school students and teachers preparing to be more engaged in our civic society.

There are seven sections in the Civic Literacy Curriculum: 

  • Principles of the American Republic
  • Systems of Government
  • Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Colonial Period and Independence
  • The 1800s 
  • Recent American History 
  • Geography and Holidays

Each section consists of a brief study guide, informational videos, flashcards and a section quiz. The sections are intended for students to work at their own pace. When they complete the section quiz, they can move on to the next section. The curriculum culminates in a 100 question quiz that pulls from each of the seven sections.

The Civic Literacy Curriculum was developed based on the United States Customs and Immigration Services' Naturalization Test. The study guides were created by the faculty at the School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership. If you're interested in learning more on how to utilize the Civic Literacy Curriculum in your classroom, contact us here

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Section 1: Principles of the American Republic

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Section 2: Systems of Government

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Section 3: Rights and Responsibilities

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Section 4: Colonial Period and Independence

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Section 5: The 1800s

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Section 6: Recent American History

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Section 7: Geography and Holidays

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If you're ready to try the Civic Literacy Test, you can start it here. The test consists of 100 questions from the seven sections included in the Civic Literacy Curriculum. It is also modeled from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test. 

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