Educating for American Democracy

The CPTL is officially an Educating for American Democracy (EAD) roadmap champion, partner, and advocate.

The EAD Roadmap is an inquiry-based content framework for excellence in civic and history education for all learners that is organized by major themes and questions, supported by key concepts. It offers a vision for the integration of history and civic education throughout grades K–12.

After years of polarization, the United States is highly divided, and there is widespread loss of confidence in our very form of government and civic order. For many decades, we have neglected civics and history, and we now have a citizenry and electorate who are poorly prepared to understand, appreciate, and use our form of government and civic life.

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What is EAD?

How to Teach Civics

  • Inspire students to want to become involved in the constitutional democracy and help to sustain our Republic 
  • Tell a full and complete narrative of America’s plural yet shared story 
  • Celebrate the compromises needed to make our constitutional democracy work 
  • Cultivate civic honesty and patriotism that leaves space to both love and critique this country
  • Teach history and civics both through a timeline of events and the themes that run through those events

EAD Roadmap

•    Civic Participation
•    Our Changing Landscape
•    We the People
•    A New Government and Constitution
•    Institutional and Social Transformation
•    A People in the World
•    Contemporary Debates and Possibilities