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Enlist Veterans in the War on U.S. Civics Ignorance

The Joe Foss Institute at Arizona State University’s Center for Political Thought and Leadership -- named for World War II Medal of Honor winner Joe Foss and supported by Arizona philanthropists Randy Kendrick and Jim Chamberlain, among others -- engages veterans in civic education through their Veterans Inspiring Patriotism program. This program brings trained veteran volunteers into K-12 classrooms to share their personal stories as well as to deliver educational content on American institutions and founding documents, symbols such as the U.S. flag, and the responsibilities of citizenship.

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Joe Foss Institute joins Center for Political Thought and Leadership

The Center for Political Thought and Leadership at Arizona State University and civic education nonprofit the Joe Foss Institute have entered a collaboration agreement to continue the expansion of civic education in schools nationwide. 

The agreement, effective Nov. 1, integrates the Joe Foss Institute’s robust civic education resources into the Center for Political Thought and Leadership, which advances research in American political thought and supports civic education inside and outside the classroom. 

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